If a zombie apocalypse ever came to happen, it is difficult to say whether you’d be a survivor or one of the undead. The most important thing about surviving a zombie apocalypse is to stay healthy and to play it safe all the time. Running into a huge hoard of zombies while wielding an axe might seem like a superhero moment, but it will probably get you killed very quickly. Playing it safe means retreating to areas that have few undead lurking about or avoiding getting into situations where you could be attacked.

One of the most important things that survivors need during an apocalypse is plenty of food and water. Gathering food and water might be difficult for you because you will need to break into stores that could be riddled with zombies. Stock piling lots of nonperishable foods and jugs of water will help you to stay as healthy and alive as possible. Just because the undead aren’t able to get to you doesn’t mean that you aren’t susceptible to dehydration or starvation. Most of all, make sure that you do not panic during a zombie apocalypse. Panicking will more than likely get you killed and the rest of your group killed.

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