Type I diabetes is a serious disease. Anyone with this disease should should certainly be getting regular insulin injections and otherwise following the advice of their physician.

But what if something happens and a diabetic cannot get their regularly scheduled insulin? Perhaps there is a shortage due to manufacturing problems. Perhaps there is a storm so severe that nobody can get to it. Perhaps there is a strike of delivery drivers. Or maybe it’s something more severe.

In any case, hope is not lost. Although Type I diabetes is difficult (and most physicians might say impossible) to manage through diet alone, there are some steps that can be taken to get a diabetic through the crisis.

Diet is an important part. Sugars and starches should be avoided, for the most part, to avoid using up what little insulin your body might still be producing. With careful planning, one could then halve or quarter the insulin doses that might be left. Although such a thing should not be done without consultation with a doctor, in an emergency or apocalyptic situation such a consultation may not be possible.

Finally, there are two supplements that mimic insulin and can be used to help support and boost both the injections and what little natural insulin is still in the body. These are cinnamon and liquid ionic vanadium. Certain brands and varieties of cinnamon may work better for one person than another, so it’s best to experiment with and stockpile the preferred brand before a crisis hits.

Again, it’s best to consult with a doctor regarding the possibility of an insulin shortage before deciding to follow the advice above.

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