Because it is only a matter of time before our society completely falls apart, everyone should learn at least the basics of disease prevention. You may already be aware that one of the major ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases is to keep as clean as possible. It is particularly important for those who prepare and serve food that their hands are as clean as possible. After the apocalypse, it will not be possible to purchase soap and other cleansing agents at the store, so those who want to survive the deadly epidemics that will be rampaging throughout the planet will have to learn to make their own soap using the same type of rudimentary ingredients used by their ancestors.

Before it was possible to walk into a supermarket and purchase all manner of soaps, antibacterial lotions and other hygienic supplies, people made soap in their home kitchens using wood ashes and animal fat. Like most other home arts, soap-making fell out of favor in modern, busy households when more convenient alternatives began to be mass produced. Learning the art of making soap is essential for those who want to be properly prepared for the demise of civilization. Still bored? Click to continue: Soap-Making Saturday

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