Type I diabetes is a serious disease. Anyone with this disease should should certainly be getting regular insulin injections and otherwise following the advice of their physician. But what if something happens and a diabetic cannot get their regularly scheduled insulin? Perhaps there is a shortage due to manufacturing problems. Perhaps there is a storm [...]

Because it is only a matter of time before our society completely falls apart, everyone should learn at least the basics of disease prevention. You may already be aware that one of the major ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases is to keep as clean as possible. It is particularly important for those [...]

When taking a look at some of the amazing advances that have taken place over the years with medical technology, many individuals feel as if perfect health is nearly impossible without hospitals and medical professionals. While these facilities and specialists can help to treat serious ailments and injuries, there are also a few simple steps [...]

Learning how to treat animal bites without medical assistance is crucial if you’re planning to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The bite itself might not kill you or leave you seriously injured, but an infection may accomplish the job. Check out these tips for surviving an animal attack without medical assistance: Wash the wound: It [...]

In any survival situation, even a minor infection can pose a significant health risk. This is particularly true for survivors scouring the wasted landscapes of a post-apocalyptic world, where one is almost certain never to have access to pharmaceutical antibiotics. Unless properly cared for, infections can quickly spiral out of control and seep into the [...]