If a zombie apocalypse ever came to happen, it is difficult to say whether you’d be a survivor or one of the undead. The most important thing about surviving a zombie apocalypse is to stay healthy and to play it safe all the time. Running into a huge hoard of zombies while wielding an axe might seem like a superhero moment, but it will probably get you killed very quickly. Playing it safe means retreating to areas that have few undead lurking about or avoiding getting into situations where you could Read the rest of this entry »

Type I diabetes is a serious disease. Anyone with this disease should should certainly be getting regular insulin injections and otherwise following the advice of their physician.

But what if something happens and a diabetic cannot get their regularly scheduled insulin? Perhaps there is a shortage due to manufacturing problems. Perhaps there is a storm so severe that nobody can get to it. Perhaps there is a strike of delivery drivers. Or maybe it’s something more severe.

In any case, hope is not lost. Read the rest of this entry »

Because it is only a matter of time before our society completely falls apart, everyone should learn at least the basics of disease prevention. You may already be aware that one of the major ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases is to keep as clean as possible. It is particularly important for those who prepare and serve food that their hands are as clean as possible. After the apocalypse, it will not be Read the rest of this entry »

When taking a look at some of the amazing advances that have taken place over the years with medical technology, many individuals feel as if perfect health is nearly impossible without hospitals and medical professionals. While these facilities and specialists can help to treat serious ailments and injuries, there are also a few simple steps that anyone can take to remain healthy without the need for a hospital.

The first step in this process is to Read the rest of this entry »

Learning how to treat animal bites without medical assistance is crucial if you’re planning to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The bite itself might not kill you or leave you seriously injured, but an infection may accomplish the job. Check out these tips for surviving an animal attack without medical assistance:

Wash the wound: It is really important to cleanse the wound immediately. Use a cotton ball saturated with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol and blot the wound. It will sting a lot, but doing so will help Read the rest of this entry »

In any survival situation, even a minor infection can pose a significant health risk. This is particularly true for survivors scouring the wasted landscapes of a post-apocalyptic world, where one is almost certain never to have access to pharmaceutical antibiotics. Unless properly cared for, infections can quickly spiral out of control and seep into the bloodstream. Such an infection of the blood is called ‘sepsis’, and it often spells doom for the ill-equipped.
So what options does a wasteland wrangler have when presented with an ugly wound or a bad cough? Physical fitness, nutrition, and hygiene are the early deciders. A fit body is better able to withstand a microbial onslaught, and really, there is no better defense than a healthy immune system.
The next best plan is to remain vigilant; it is crucial to keep an eye on scrapes and scratches in order to catch any early signs of infection. Reddened, tender flesh around a wound can indicate the presence of bacterial pathogens and is a clear sign that preventative measures must be taken to stave of death and disease. The survivor should carefully clean the wound with soap and purified water, adt home security website, then bandage it with a clean cloth.